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2/17/10 10:48 am

for some reason, i can't get her out of my head...Photobucket

i miss her so much...i lost her just before halloween, but i keep dreaming of her...i dreamt that i was having a nightmare about her being gone, but i woke up within my dream and felt comforted when i realized i was only dreaming...then reality set in, and as i slowly woke up, i realized that oki was not coming back.

10/17/07 09:23 am - Vicious Dolls

add my clothing page on myspace:


i just made the page yesterday, so it's a bit ghetto at the moment, but it'll be pretty sick soon!



3/15/07 02:50 pm - chun li vs. ayoki-san

yesterday morning i got a call from a shelter in MA so i dragged andy up there and went to look at the kitty. i fell in love immediately. she is the female version of chun li, no question....just a little friendlier. i'm still waiting for chun li to adjust but they're doing better than i expected...

i feel guilty about not taking the nj kitty, but she is living with a foster mommy right now, while this little munchkin was living in a shelter (and she was in bad shape--literally covered in filth)...she's doing much better now, and i love her so much! unfortunately, she had to have one of chun li's infamous haircuts, 'cause she was matted so badly...she looks so tiny and misshapen (they couldn't shave her as well as they usually shave chun li because she was all icky and tangled) but she smells a hell of a lot better now!

meet ayoki-san, chun li's new little sister:

2/15/07 07:27 pm - imposters and fakes and leathery-skinned has beens oh my!

jack just sent this to me.


wow. never thought some douche would steal my pictures, but apparently they did.

please send her a nice little message if you have a moment. thanks! :)

9/6/06 08:42 am - i need printer help!!!

do i need to print out all those RGB charts and look through each one to find the right color when i'm trying to match colors? i'm working on my portfolio, but i'm having trouble getting my printouts to look halfway decent!

oh yeah, and can anyone recommend any special paper for printing (i'm printing fashion plates/figures)? the color blows on my printer, and i'm not sure if it's just me being technically retarded or if it's my printer and my paper...

HELP!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!

8/22/06 02:34 am

she used to come into my line when i was 17 and working at the local stop & shop--it was 1996...i remember her--in fact, she was the only customer i ever remembered. she was a little bit older, but she still had style...i liked her right away, as she smiled at me from the line. she never bought non-veg food and i was thankful not having to handle any bloody packages. the first time, i think i was wearing some ridiculous short wig and way too much eyeliner for my own good. i remember she complimented me on my hair, and i told her mine was long like hers actually...somehow we ended up talking about her friend, genesis p. and the fact that they had used a psychic tv song in a vw commercial that summer...i had no clue who she was, only that i thought she was pretty awesome in my 17 year old eyes--i wanted to still be cool when i got older...i would see her from time to time walking downtown on main st...she stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other white bread inhabitants...much like i did. maybe that's why i liked her so much.

years later, i mentioned her to a friend of mine, wondering who she was. i remember he looked at me in shock. i was probably 19 at the time and had pigeon-holed myself into only listening to one genre of music. i didn't know anything else. when he told me who she was, i remember looking at him blankly. i didn't recognize the name.

it was wendy o. williams.

5/26/06 06:37 pm

john sent this to me today and i think i just peed my pants.


i can't even begin to describe it, so please look for your own amusement. :)

5/18/06 05:58 pm - you must go!

Girls! Horrorpunk! Necrophelia! & Beer!Collapse )

4/25/06 04:40 pm

my dad is the bollywood version of william shatner--it's pretty amazing. yup.

in other news, it's on tonight so come out and have some fun with us!!!

3/13/06 04:20 pm

i would like to propose a toast to the swans.

"i've worked hard all my life, money slips through my hand, my face in the mirror tells me it's no surprise that i am pushing the stone up the hill of failure..."

ahh...always so cheerful!
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